Final #RFLofIW challenge at Kaedara Breedables #inworldz

I decided that our fundraiser sales event for Relay for Life in Inworldz will end this Sunday. This is based on how both interest in visiting and interest in buying has slowed down or even stopped on many days.

Not a bad thing…this was a test and I was not sure what the best length of time for such a fundraiser would be in Inworldz. The test is a success and I will do the fundraiser sales again next year.


It does look like the best length of time for such an event is one month, so that will be next year’s goal. I’m also going for a complete redesign of that corner, which I will work on a bit during these next few weeks.

Dee’s Designs will retire, or at least the current building will. Not sure if I’ll keep the name for the next incarnation or not. And in between RFL seasons, I will keep a small supply of special deals available for purchases there…those will go into the RFL kiosk.

My personal challenge for the last five days of the sale, which is until the end of the weekend, is this…

If my sales area brings 10,000 Izzies or more in donations, I will add 10,000 Izzies of my own donation funds to the kiosk myself at the end of the sale.

At the time I write this, I’ve got 2500 Izzies in donations towards that challenge already. We can do this.

Search for Kaedara Breedables, oyos, oyo or breedables. Elvenglades sim of the Kaedar Region.


Kaedara Breedables #RFLofIW update for #Inworldz

We’ve had a good run, but it’s been very quiet at our store since the oYo group picked up their activity. To be honest, we lost a few key players who would spend money for RFL and I feared it would hurt our efforts. But I don’t think so. My kiosk has taken in 71k so far, plus the 21k it took the week before, and I’m sure that oYo has some goodies set up for the busy week in October that will really add to the giving.

Team oYo will definitely surpass last year’s giving. Not sure if it will be twice as much, but definitely be a lot more by the time the special week in October ends.

The goal for my sales area was 100K on the season kiosk. It may still get that much. Still time for it. And I got an idea for the final push on the last week of the season…need to talk to Mystic about it to see if she’s up for it, as it would involve her store too.


Sadly, this season end marks the end of my time as an extra large breeder of oYo breedables. I’m still going to breed, and maybe more than many, but already I’m down to half of normal number and plan on being down to 1/4 to 1/3 of what I normally have in near future.

One reason is that with the v2 horse bundle glitch managing that many bundles takes too much of my building time away. But it’s only part of the reason.

Not only do I need to evaluate where most of my game time is going, but also my expenses. This is not a fast sales situation, so it’s not a high rotation of bundles or intake of money. Meaning, I’m using a lot of money that I’d normally pay forward to other builders and to the creators I get my building supplies from.

I need to find a better balance of building/breeding expenses to spend my gaming dollars on. As I’m not going to increase what I spend already. LOL

Over the next week, Mystic and I will look at the sales area and decide which ones we want to take and put away for ourselves to play with. Then, I’ll start making mega packs with the rest. I have some wild cat mega packs already made, as I sorted those already…there were over 100 bundles still in inventory on top of what was out, so they were way overdue.

The horses and other animals I’ve kept up with, so they waited until now.

The mega packs are great deals for any old breeders or new comers we have coming in to the oyo breedables. The price savings make them ideal for setting up a new store to resell them or breed for yourself.


The mega packs will remain in the sales area after the RFL season ends. Those sales will be dropped into the kiosk for the general fund until next season starts.

I say this experiment was a success. I’m very thrilled with the amount of funds the sales raised for RFL from the oyo breedables. I will continue it next year.

Dee’s Designs did squat though. Granted there’s not a ton in there right now, but it is good stuff. Or at least I think so. I shopped for hours online to find original art work. But it seems to not have worked out so well.

I do have an idea for a huge gallery building though…perhaps I’ll build it and use it for next year’s season with better result. I like Dee’s Designs, as it honors my mother’s battle with breast cancer. But she won the battle, so to allow something else to take its place wouldn’t be a terrible thing…

Sometimes, change is good.



Kaedara and RFL #Inworldz update and future planning

Warning: long, rambling update…

RFL Update: Elvenglades

Traffic has slowed and so have the oYo Breedables sales for RFL. Sort of expected that. Figured there would be a rush in the beginning and then occassional visitors until the rush to tip donations over the edge at the end.

I am disappointed with Dee’s Designs though. I’m not going to scrap it…the store stays to honor my mother’s successful fight against Breast Cancer, even if I’m the only one to enjoy it. It will remain and sales will continue to go to the RFL kiosk year round. IF any sales come about.

Shame too. I spent hours looking for some of the textures I used for pictures in there. At least they’re free TOS so I can use them on websites and whatever else I need, so not a complete waste of my time.

At this moment, Elvenglades kiosks have raised 61,100 izzies total. Not too shabby. In addition, Kels told me the oYo bundles I gave her for the first auction raised another 9500 Izzies. That’s good to know.

The bears are loved that I donated and she popped into the vendors. Not sure what those have brought in total. I think some were given away at the picnic and not sure where all the vendors are. Only one I know of doesn’t show but one sale of them, and I’ve had a lot of word of people loving them. Perhaps perms were not changed and they’re giving them to one another…don’t care. They can give to RFL kiosk on their own in return if so.

Holding the bear people like the best. Horses with me are Bob and Dee, named after my parents.
Holding the bear people like the best. Horses with me are Bob and Dee, named after my parents.

Kels has 15 Breeder’s Sets of wildz, horses, cats, dogs, and dodos to help finish the rest of the season from me. Of course, I breed way too many and will have more if she needs it.

I think I can call this “experiment” a success. My hope is to raise another 40k between now and the end of the season for an even 100K.

Those horse bundles still break!

The horse issue could hinder that, if I don’t find a work around. I just don’t have time to maintain loose version 2 bundles and spend the few hours or so it takes to send them in and then rename and price them when I get the new ones.

There was plenty of notice before this update, so I picked them up and then replaced them with wildz bundles that do not break. Only V2 horse bundles out now are boxed breeder’s sets, which don’t break for some reason.

Thing is, most of the small group of buyers want the horses. Being such a small group, losing the ability to provide the best selling product is hurting my oYo sales, and the RFL kiosk.

And the lack of knowing what is going on. Oyo isn’t noted for sending out notices and letting us know everything…they work more by word of mouth. So, those of us who cannot attend events/auctions or hang out to see chat all the time, do miss a lot.

Elvenglades RFL oYo sales have gone to the wildz thanks to the horse bundles breaking.
Elvenglades RFL oYo sales have gone to the wildz thanks to the horse bundles breaking.

(I just informed one other big oYo breeder of her broken bundles and she’s shocked. Knew nothing about it and wonders why there’s no notices to people, or anything being done. Jenni said maybe I should contact others about it when I see their bundles broken. Not my job, but maybe I will. The more that know their bundles are broken, the more they’ll request something be done about it. Or stop breeding.)

I’m left with no recourse, but to plan as if nothing will be done in the near future about this issue. Need to cut back anyway. I’m clearance selling some horses and have my stay at home breeders down to 58 now, with plans to cut that by ten to 12 per month until probably down to breeding about 20 at a time.

I’ve picked up others like sabers, bears, and elephants, so by the time I’m finished breeding for the goals I have set now, I’ll have probably around 75 animals total. A lot more manageable than the 200 I’ve had in the past.

Thinking I may just breed to retire ones for my displays and sales products, and to donate to RFL. It’s a shame no one is supporting Mandy’s wonderfully done sales area, so any sales spots I need will be there. I may keep a selection at Elvenglades for RFL year around too…depends on what happens after the after season sorting.

My work around for the v2 bundles will be to box them all – means that will have to wait until I can find time to take pictures for each one and set them up.  I tested with ten loose ones out this time and kept the boxed sets out…9 of 10 loose ones broke, and boxed set ones were okay. Jenni is quick and fixed them right away, but still…

And shopping sucks anymore because other breeders just don’t check theirs. Most bundles at markets are broken. Although, I will admit, it does seem like less broke than before from this last update. Still many of them did.

RFL corner on Elvenglades Sim
RFL corner on Elvenglades Sim

He’s still alive!

We found someone who’s in contact with my close online friend and cover artist, Ron. I should have been informed but it seems that a windows 10 upgrade wiped out his contacts from his sister’s computer.

Ron’s been undergoing cancer related surgeries, with some hopeful results and some bad results I’m not at liberty to disclose. Around 4 weeks ago he had an ulcer burst and went into emergency surgery on top of everything else.

He is recovering and should have been entered into rehab yesterday. They hope to have him recovered enough to go home in a few weeks. Prayers still needed.

Or good thoughts…He’s Hopi raised so whatever you do, he appreciates.

Enchanted Isles sim in Kaedara region
Enchanted Isles sim in Kaedara region

Kaedara Future

God willing, I’ll be able to keep all four sims going for years to come. And maybe even add a few. We’re probably going to change jobs and move again, due to impossible circumstances we can’t seem to fix, much as we want to.

This is probably a good thing for us and our lives, so not wholy unwelcome. I just expect things to get pretty bumpy for awhile.

The unfixed bundle situation did make me consider cutting back and letting the sims go…and maybe it will if it’s not fixed. But I’m giving it time…as long as it takes for my current horses to retire, before deciding anything.

My sims are not doing well anymore in traffic. The store one is. The exploration ones are not.

Hudan I can understand. That one is picked up for new forest product to be built…not much to see there at the moment.  The forest is being worked on in my build level during the few moments I get.

But the other two finished ones are not. The story journey across the sims appears to be a failure. It begins where the store traffic comes in. People just do not seem interested. That may have to become a freebie bookcase with all the books in it instead for visitors.

Enchanted Isles is my sanctuary and do not think I’ll scrap it. The Silverwood Memorial will remain on it, and so will Marion Margaret Press’s base, which still needs some work done to it. This sim may be my book series’s show off sim.

Moor-Knight will change though. Perhaps I’ll make it the castle sim, with a full castle and full of items for sale in it. People seem to prefer shopping versus exploring and hanging out in nature scenes.

I shall miss the bog and the bog lady’s house when it comes time.

Elvenglades stores will be developed out as planned. And at some point, the product out and more will be in the marketplace.

This is a winter project…perhaps not until after our forthcoming move to who knows where in real life.

I am making a full range of holdables...may end up needing a whole store just for them when I'm done!
I am making a full range of holdables…may end up needing a whole store just for them when I’m done!



Feeling humbled #rflofIW #inworldz

While working on business forms, I check my Inworldz account through the website to see some wonderful people visited the Elvenglades sim to push us over the 50K mark for the year in RFL so far. Amazing!

This is counting the 21,100 izzies that went into the general fund kiosk during the few weeks before season opened and what’s on the current kiosk.  I jumped in and deposited the sales…we’re at 51,500 izzies so far this year!

Thank you so much. This means so much to both Mystic and I to see this working so well. And makes us love Inworldz all the more.

RFL corner looks nice. But I hope to add more to it before the season speeds by.
RFL corner looks nice. But I hope to add more to it before the season speeds by.

One way to know that I’m a little bit oYo addicted is to see how much is available in that corner, then to know that I’ve sent a bunch of stuff to Kels for the oYo events already, and I have a bunch more that I’ve been boxing up…and I still have a ton left over. LOL

I really am slowing down now. This morning, I separated my horses on platforms so ones that I want to have all the salt they can reach to produce as much as possible were separated from the ones I’m only letting have half as much. Part of my future goal is to breed to sell pets to go with the outdoor displays I have in design stages right now.

Then I went and birthed fifteen full white sabres. LOL It’s okay, I’m capable right now, and my number total will still come down on the goal day. They can produce RFL babies while I’m busy with family.

I have two big projects planned to build and the products I’m still working through. Plus I just loaded more materials for more projects.

Can’t give a time frame though. We’re off on a family trip this weekend. Then, I fear, another family member is getting close to his time so that interruption is expected. Plus fairly certain this is my dad’s last year, so I’m sure I’ll make another trip to visit him after this weekend. (I do see him this weekend.)

With building my business up, my build and play time is on the weekends, but these trips are also on the weekends. Plus we have September through December marketing efforts with the business, but Inworldz is part of that too. For the book promotions anyway.

Thank you to all who visit regularly, even if you just browse. It’s much appreciated. And thank you to those who help raise funds for the kiosks. Feels good to see that through my sometimes whining and griping about things there are those patient enough to put up with it.

Oh and still prayers needed. My cover artist, Ron, may be having a difficult time handling his cancer surgeries. We normally hear from him daily…every few days if he’s really ill. It’s been 3 1/2 weeks. People have been asking on the message sites he frequents about him, so it’s not just me. And he’s not answering emails.

Let us hope it’s computer issues rather than worse than what I know of his surgery troubles. His troubles are enough to need prayers. This long absence is cause to pray a little harder for him.

Graphic for one of the books Ron made me...being repurposed for Kaedara Inworldz.
Graphic for one of the books Ron made me…being repurposed for Kaedara Inworldz.


yay! go oYo for #rflofIW we have kick off in #inworldz

Our group’s band leaders are back and ready to get into event planning. Yay! I think I’m more relieved than excited to see them back and getting down to business. I get testy and whiny a lot, because I also worry a lot.

We’ve lost so many people this last year due to too much life, and the dreaded death. I don’t take anyone for granted…haven’t for a long time. Think it all started with this woman who worked for a business I managed.

I helped her move on to a higher paying position where my husband works, but still saw her every day on her way home from work. She banked at the same bank where my business had accounts and I’d run the day’s deposits in at the same time she was on her way home. We’d chat for two minutes each time before going on our way.

One day she looked very busy with doing something with her account and I decided to just leave quietly, thinking, “I’ll catch up with her tomorrow.”

She was killed in a car wreck on her way home that night.

I repeated that mistake once more after that with a favorite aunt of mine. Youngest and healthiest of the family who died suddenly, surprising us all. I even had to ask my mom to repeat who it was when she called to tell me, positive that she had said the wrong sister.

I never assume there’s a tomorrow with anyone I associate with online and offline. Hence, my posts get whiny and frustrating…and this is why I feel using group notices are so very important in a virtual world business. How else are we to know there’s still work going on in the background? (Especially when we cannot attend the community events.)

mmm…I just thought of a few areas I’m failing my own expectations. Must add those to the week’s to-do list.

But Relay For Life!….I’m getting a number of visits for the oYo sales corner. Not so sure about Dee’s Designs. That store does not seem as much as a success as I hoped with the current crowd.

I may have to expose that one to a new crowd with some ads.

I do have some ideas that may work better for next year, and I may be able to contribute to Inworldz’s broader Relay efforts then. This year, I’m too limited in time and expense due to our parents preparing for their last days. Which I’m surprised has not happened for two of our four parents yet.

And spending more time with them, being thankful we’re given the extra time we did not expect.

Today I’m on limited Inworldz time due to nursing a slight neck injury I got yesterday afternoon. It will pass soon and I’ll be back to normal.

If you’re interested in seeing what we’re doing on the sims, click on the Find Us link above.



#rflofIW @oyo_breedable sales and building on Kaedara in #inworldz update

It’s been a weekend of mixed feelings. The Relay For Life sales area is loaded up, but traffic was not good this weekend, causing me to question how this was doing.

It’s difficult to measure results with the oYo crowd. They have a pesky habit of not utilizing group notices to keep people informed for various things until last minute. Like now…there’s new elephants being coded in…minis! But how many know? Just the few of us who happen to be in when Jenni told us in chat. And this whole RFL season? Only Lord knows how it’s going to work because I haven’t seen anything telling us if there’s going to be future fundraising auctions or if we’re just skipping this one.

Which would be a shame. We raised over 600K last season.

I don’t think it would happen. I suspect it’s just quiet while Kels and Matt are gone for…whatever. Don’t know what’s going on there either. But the group does pull together when the band leaders are in town…just not much when they’re not, like now.

Still…my oYo RFL fundraising area has seen a little action, and it does feel good to toss the funds in the kiosk routinely. Right now, it’s around 9,600 izzies since the season officially started Saturday. (Pre season kiosk ended at 21,100 izzies)

There’s a new memorial wall for Digital Pixal in the area now too. Lazy sent me some of her bundles to donate to RFL.

These bundles came from Digital Pixal, via Lazy. Each time one is sold the buyer gets a plaque put in the bundle's place.
These bundles came from Digital Pixal, via Lazy. Each time one is sold the buyer gets a plaque put in the bundle’s place.
How the plaques look. I goofed making them at first have them fixed now.
How the plaques look. I goofed making them at first have them fixed now.
RFL is all set up. I'll continually add oYo bundles as they come available and may build a few more items for Dee's Designs.
RFL is all set up. I’ll continually add oYo bundles as they come available and may build a few more items for Dee’s Designs. I even added to the Garden of Hope since this picture was taken…and Digital’s wall was added in.

I am cutting back on oYo critters yet again over the next month. I am at my happy place with them in regards to how many I have, but have changed my mind after a walk around my sims.

They’re costing me way more time than I should give to them. Cutting the number down by half again will get me down to a more acceptable priority. I’ve worked it out. I have a lot retiring within the 30 days and a good portion of them are flagged for going bye-bye at the end of the 30 days.

My walk around the sims left me feeling very guilty about neglecting my duties as a sim owner. So much is unfinished and has not been worked on in quite awhile. Time to change that and to get the sims set up properly.

For the time being, all my spare moments are spent tending to the RFL building on my sim and getting the first floor of the regular building set up. I promised an update ad through the group on that middle of last month and didn’t get there. Time to do that.

New in RFL kiosk vendor in front of Dee's Designs.
New in RFL kiosk vendor in front of Dee’s Designs.
New in RFL kiosk vendor in front of Dee's Designs.
New in RFL kiosk vendor in front of Dee’s Designs.


#rflofIW @oyo_breedable sales setback in #inworldz

It seems there was a reason to do a last minute restart of all regions for internal updates, which is no issue for me. What is, is that obviously there’s a lack of communication or progress between oyo people and IW people about the version 2.0 issues.

I love both IW and oYo, but truly wonder how long I can justify this. Through the last two updates and any sim restart since then, the bundles break. I’m not speaking of one or two but loads. I get anywhere from 80 to 120 of them each time broken that has to be heavened, deleted, or remade by Jenni.

This time was 80 bundles I had set up for Relay for Life fundraising. I was able to birth a bunch to cut down on what I had to send in to Jenni. Those will be a flash sale through the weekend, for a lot less than what I would have sold the bundles for.

The market/grid size being what it is, I’m sure I’ll end up heavening most still after the sale. What a loss.

I am worried about my RFL efforts this year. And the lack of improvement in this situation. I’m proceeding very carefully, and thinking.

If things aren’t improved soon, I very well may give up the four sims and just do one mainland sim, or go back to renting a partial sim and do less in Inworldz. Dealing with things when the bundles break does cost me time I don’t have, and now my RFL set up time was compromised this weekend.

Hoping I can still get the special kiosks items made.