#KaedaraSims #inworldz The End is Nigh Report

Unfortunately, for some of us, Real Life has a way of changing our plans. I’m one of those people. On June 21st I’m letting the Kaedara region of sims go. This is a 2X2 section of sims.

Reason being, is that RL is just too full for me, and I cannot handle enough to keep four sims going. I’ve rented out two other 2X2 single sims from close friends at Sunset Rentals, and am downsizing.

The sims will be my homes while in Inworldz, where Mystic and I privately hang out and breed our animals. Our sims are next to other friends of ours, so not all bad.

While I’ll continue to have Kaedara Breedables and maintain the group for both the breedables and Tempest Myst Designs sales, I will sell through markets and not at home. Except for the RFL fundraising events.

Later this year, I hope to get Tempest Myst Designs products listed on the marketplace.

This winter I may even start up another sim when it’s time for book releases. But that’s not a sure thing. I do know I won’t use Kaedara name for it. I’m thinking of changing the region name for the books from Kaedara to something else. That name has attracted a lot of questionables in social media.

The downsizing is going well, and  I find I’m actually relieved. Not being able to do the work I need to for four sims was stressing me out. And I’m ready to give up the home based market.

In fact, I may stay low for awhile.  Let things calm down a bit from some attitudes moving into areas. Yes, we do have some SL-tudes trying to move in and make things frustrating.

Just like all bad things, this will pass though. In the meantime, I’m just going to play and build in my own little corner of the world.

Here are some pictures of what’s been going on so far with the move.

The Castle Garden from Moor-Knight in my book, and the cliffside pool are two of the items I kept from previous sim. One nice place to relax.
Many of my retired horses will be in the retired showroom I kept and brought over. With a few breeding mustang herds in front.
The elephants have their own level now. Mushrooms, trees, sand and tiki decor.
Of course, my extensive herd of Dawn Dapples get their own purple forest. Twice the size as before. Shown is just a FEW of them.
I also kept my natives out.
Whales with Dolphins jumping around them.


Had to keep the love shack. I think it’s going to be my sorting area now.
I made a shorter version of the double sales corrals for my horses at home.
Totally love my dog and cat skybox, so it stayed the same and moved it as it is. This is probably what will serve as my house.
Hopefully Bubbles won’t mind hanging out with the cats and dogs instead of the other minis.
My Weylyn tiger pride in their new dome.
And the Teyrnon tiger girls with their pride in their new dome home. oyo tigers, of course.
2.5 Beta breeding oYo horses.
Beta clyde. Seal Bay coat. Nice looking girl.
Arabian Sorrel on Clyde Body. Not a mix I like. The highlights don’t match the bulkier body build well.
Testing a few beta offspring on 10m roam. Clyde has issues that Jenni’s fixing. Arabian is doing pretty good.
The Arab offspring is a cross breeding attempt that worked well. Got 2.0 Dawn hair onto 2.5 Arabian body and 2.5 Gray Arabian coat.



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