Kaedara Sims #Inworldz End of 2016 Report @oyo_breedable

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017. It was fun, but I’m sure it’s going to get even more fun this year. Inworldz has been a great grid to be on. Great people, great service.


Big thing for 2017…Kaedara sims are going to the animals! *grin* For the most part. Of the oyo breedables, I’ve managed to keep over 250 retired animals. Inworldz is too small of a grid to expect a ton of traffic, and in my case, I sure don’t get a ton of sales from my builds. So, letting the animals take over most of the sims seems reasonable.

The Elvenglades sim still has the sales shops on it, along with yard décor and landscaping items. The huge Book Emporium building will remain, as will the newest Tempest Myst Designs building. Mystic’s Treasure Trove and gazebos will stay here. The children’s memorial stays put. Only thing left that I’m not sure of is the new Olde’ house set.

In addition, the Relay for Life (and T4T) sales corner is there. Only sales aren’t going for charity right now. The kiosks poofed at the end of the year. When I rez a new one, thinking it just would set for general fund, it poofs too. So…regular sales on oyos throughout year and special fundraisers twice a year now while the season’s active.

Still, it was fun and we did really well in 2016. We raised nearly 120K Izzies for Relay for Life from sim sales and 12k for Toys for Tots.

The story journey across the four sims for my fantasy series was cancelled and turned into a one stop freebie set on the Elvenglades sim. The visitor can still get everything that they could find on the story journey: the books and a book shelf for them.

Thinking the giver for that will stay at Elvenglades store sim.

The other sales sim, Lost Forest of Hudan, is almost finished. This sim is really gone mostly to the animals between our private areas above and the ground level. I’ve created different styles of tree groves and sized them 60X60, which is perfect for showing off lovely horses. Many of my retired and salt free horses are residing on the ground level now.

Native Grove
Native Grove
Purple Grove
Purple Grove
Fairy Blossom Grove
Fairy Blossom Grove

There are quite a few designed spaces for wild cats along the one end too. I’m adding to those also. I hope to be able to set out most of my retired wild cats there. I also plan on adding in an elephant setting. Most everything still needs pricing before it’s available for sale. And I need to rework the water builds. Having an issue with the permissions on them that I may need to get some help with from the other awesome builders on the grid.

When I get too far down on prim space I’ll use Enchanted Isles space for wild cats.

That seems odd. Saying one needs to economize on prim space in Inworldz. But that just shows how many animals I have. I have considered getting another sim just for them. LOL

Marion Margaret Press will still have a base of operations within Inworldz on Enchanted Isles, attached to the Silverwood Memorial area for Sandie Bergen. This is where I have the most work left to do. The set up needs to be altered a bit. MMP won’t be fully active in Inworldz, but may try to do something two to four times a year as a special event.

First event will be at the Club Twinkle, hosted by Matt and Kels Foxclaw. This event will herald the release of an anthology edition by Sandie Bergen. More detailed announcement will come once I have the exact release date and have procured the event date from Kels and Matt.

We have new store locations for our breedables and Tempest Myst Designs. Tempest Myst Designs is at Bluestar Breedables and Sunset Cove. I’m still setting up Sunset Cove location. Been bogged down by the end of the year paperwork for RL  business. The breedables have sales locations at Bluestar Breedables and M&K Stables.

Green Rainbow Herd Breeding on Moor-Knight
Green Rainbow Herd Breeding on Moor-Knight
Herd at the bog lady's cabin...halloween horse with red walkers and red bicolor hair.
Herd at the bog lady’s cabin…halloween horse with red walkers and red bicolor hair.

(Above two photos taken in ultra setting. Not working out so well for photos, looks amazing live though.)

The oYos have been a lot of fun to breed. My beloved Arion has less than a month of breeding to go. He will have given over 100 babies and be a bit diabetic from all the sugar he’s had. He’s given a lot of dawn dapples. I bought the nymph coated mare Chloe had and crossed her with him. I’m also building a nice line of nymph hair horses, some on dawn coat. Nymph coat has not yet passed. Hope it does.

The Christmas horses are passing their “kid” coats. I’ve gotten Faith and Joy so far from them. Think those come from the Love and Trust coats. I’m hoping to see the Wisdom and Hope coats pass me something too. And that the one hope horn I have passes.

The blackrose horn is passing well for me. The new texture for it has been handed in, but unfortunately Jenni hasn’t coded it in yet. Very sad about that. I was so looking forward to that horn. I’ll keep breeding them and stashing the bundles and hope they birth with the updated look. She never did respond to my prompt about if the current bundles are worth anything…whether they’ll birth with new texture or old, when she gets around to putting the code in anyway.

I birthed two more starter sets of morgans after getting notice to her that the eyes have not been passing. Mine have not started dropping yet, but Mystic let me know today one of her old starters passed the eye. I’m guessing this means that issue is fixed.

I’m thrilled with oYos. Love them to death. The Inworldz team is great. But doing a lot to keep both grids going at same time. Sometimes it stresses my patience to have to wait my turn. LOL But they do wonderful work.

The hairs are different now in SL for the horses. Barbie wanna be jokes to me. Yeah, I’m being rudely honest. Not holding back. Sorry. I breed for LLLL hairs. When I updated my LLLL sunset dapple in SL and had actual tears in my eyes at her ruination, I don’t feel compelled to play nice.

I sent a notice to Jenni right away telling her to count my vote as absolutely no to doing that in Inworldz if she does take opinions. I tried. I honestly tried to get used to it in SL. Tried to breed for LL which isn’t so bad. Tried for two weeks and then just had to heaven them all. Couldn’t deal with it. Total waste of my time and money there.

Why I’m feeding to retire so many in Inworldz. It’s my backup plan. If the others want the new hairs and they happen, I’m set to stop breeding so many horses and just enjoy the retired ones on my sims. Then just breed the specials with Tempest and the version ones with Marion.

Because, good news!! The Pegasus breeding still works with verson 1 horses. I got a black Pegasus yesterday. Maybe I’ll do more…we have tons of white unicorn girls to use yet. The version 1 horses are heavy on prims, but they’re not any worse on the sim performance than version 2 that I can see.

I have to say, if a person just has to keep breeding through the bad hairs in SL, the SS do look more natural than before and look very good on some of the coats. I’m keeping so many bundles in backup, just in case the mood hits me there. (And a small supply in IW as part of my backup plan.)

Speaking of hairs, evidently, the RFL Purple Hair was supposed to pass, but hasn’t. I’ve got Arion sugared up enough to have nearly 90 kids without the hair. Talked to Kels so she’d check with Jenni and boom! Today Arion with her dawn girl passed the hair onto a dawn. Looks fantastic! Arion’s got 25 days left and he’s going to be sugared like mad during that time. This late in the game, looks like it’s up to me to save the RFL Purple Hair from extinction.

AK~Wisteria Arion of Kaedara + Kels Dawn
Arion of Kaedara + Kels Dawn

There’s also new random coats and eyes out. I got an Ibis eye today. I would show it, but alas, the eye texture is not working. That baby is sent in to Jenni for repairs. Guessing I’ll get that back in the morning during her normal Inworldz’s check in time before she runs off for work. Does that woman sleep? I’m not sure…




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