#inworldz conversation only a breeder would understand

Arion of Kaedara is my pride and joy…he’s being sugared up with every sale I get so I can build my army of foals from him…

Conversation between me and sim partner:

Friend: oh so now he NEVER gets a break
Friend: 🙂
Tempest Myst: lol yes he does…when I’m out of izzies
Tempest Myst: he had a day off yesterday
Friend: lol
Tempest Myst: using him to finish up some old girls and then his son grows up in a couple of days and he will have someone to share duties with…need him to give a good male I like with the eye for the second son I’ll keep
Friend: did he get unemployment?
Tempest Myst: lol nah he’s on contract
Friend: laughs
Tempest Myst: it’s tough trying to find a good stud to sign up for more than 4 months
Friend: so are you saying BB studs are going the distance? you pay them enough and they’ll work forever
Tempest Myst: lol yep


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