Final #RFLofIW challenge at Kaedara Breedables #inworldz

I decided that our fundraiser sales event for Relay for Life in Inworldz will end this Sunday. This is based on how both interest in visiting and interest in buying has slowed down or even stopped on many days.

Not a bad thing…this was a test and I was not sure what the best length of time for such a fundraiser would be in Inworldz. The test is a success and I will do the fundraiser sales again next year.


It does look like the best length of time for such an event is one month, so that will be next year’s goal. I’m also going for a complete redesign of that corner, which I will work on a bit during these next few weeks.

Dee’s Designs will retire, or at least the current building will. Not sure if I’ll keep the name for the next incarnation or not. And in between RFL seasons, I will keep a small supply of special deals available for purchases there…those will go into the RFL kiosk.

My personal challenge for the last five days of the sale, which is until the end of the weekend, is this…

If my sales area brings 10,000 Izzies or more in donations, I will add 10,000 Izzies of my own donation funds to the kiosk myself at the end of the sale.

At the time I write this, I’ve got 2500 Izzies in donations towards that challenge already. We can do this.

Search for Kaedara Breedables, oyos, oyo or breedables. Elvenglades sim of the Kaedar Region.


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