Kaedara Breedables #RFLofIW update for #Inworldz

We’ve had a good run, but it’s been very quiet at our store since the oYo group picked up their activity. To be honest, we lost a few key players who would spend money for RFL and I feared it would hurt our efforts. But I don’t think so. My kiosk has taken in 71k so far, plus the 21k it took the week before, and I’m sure that oYo has some goodies set up for the busy week in October that will really add to the giving.

Team oYo will definitely surpass last year’s giving. Not sure if it will be twice as much, but definitely be a lot more by the time the special week in October ends.

The goal for my sales area was 100K on the season kiosk. It may still get that much. Still time for it. And I got an idea for the final push on the last week of the season…need to talk to Mystic about it to see if she’s up for it, as it would involve her store too.


Sadly, this season end marks the end of my time as an extra large breeder of oYo breedables. I’m still going to breed, and maybe more than many, but already I’m down to half of normal number and plan on being down to 1/4 to 1/3 of what I normally have in near future.

One reason is that with the v2 horse bundle glitch managing that many bundles takes too much of my building time away. But it’s only part of the reason.

Not only do I need to evaluate where most of my game time is going, but also my expenses. This is not a fast sales situation, so it’s not a high rotation of bundles or intake of money. Meaning, I’m using a lot of money that I’d normally pay forward to other builders and to the creators I get my building supplies from.

I need to find a better balance of building/breeding expenses to spend my gaming dollars on. As I’m not going to increase what I spend already. LOL

Over the next week, Mystic and I will look at the sales area and decide which ones we want to take and put away for ourselves to play with. Then, I’ll start making mega packs with the rest. I have some wild cat mega packs already made, as I sorted those already…there were over 100 bundles still in inventory on top of what was out, so they were way overdue.

The horses and other animals I’ve kept up with, so they waited until now.

The mega packs are great deals for any old breeders or new comers we have coming in to the oyo breedables. The price savings make them ideal for setting up a new store to resell them or breed for yourself.


The mega packs will remain in the sales area after the RFL season ends. Those sales will be dropped into the kiosk for the general fund until next season starts.

I say this experiment was a success. I’m very thrilled with the amount of funds the sales raised for RFL from the oyo breedables. I will continue it next year.

Dee’s Designs did squat though. Granted there’s not a ton in there right now, but it is good stuff. Or at least I think so. I shopped for hours online to find original art work. But it seems to not have worked out so well.

I do have an idea for a huge gallery building though…perhaps I’ll build it and use it for next year’s season with better result. I like Dee’s Designs, as it honors my mother’s battle with breast cancer. But she won the battle, so to allow something else to take its place wouldn’t be a terrible thing…

Sometimes, change is good.




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