Feeling humbled #rflofIW #inworldz

While working on business forms, I check my Inworldz account through the website to see some wonderful people visited the Elvenglades sim to push us over the 50K mark for the year in RFL so far. Amazing!

This is counting the 21,100 izzies that went into the general fund kiosk during the few weeks before season opened and what’s on the current kiosk.  I jumped in and deposited the sales…we’re at 51,500 izzies so far this year!

Thank you so much. This means so much to both Mystic and I to see this working so well. And makes us love Inworldz all the more.

RFL corner looks nice. But I hope to add more to it before the season speeds by.
RFL corner looks nice. But I hope to add more to it before the season speeds by.

One way to know that I’m a little bit oYo addicted is to see how much is available in that corner, then to know that I’ve sent a bunch of stuff to Kels for the oYo events already, and I have a bunch more that I’ve been boxing up…and I still have a ton left over. LOL

I really am slowing down now. This morning, I separated my horses on platforms so ones that I want to have all the salt they can reach to produce as much as possible were separated from the ones I’m only letting have half as much. Part of my future goal is to breed to sell pets to go with the outdoor displays I have in design stages right now.

Then I went and birthed fifteen full white sabres. LOL It’s okay, I’m capable right now, and my number total will still come down on the goal day. They can produce RFL babies while I’m busy with family.

I have two big projects planned to build and the products I’m still working through. Plus I just loaded more materials for more projects.

Can’t give a time frame though. We’re off on a family trip this weekend. Then, I fear, another family member is getting close to his time so that interruption is expected. Plus fairly certain this is my dad’s last year, so I’m sure I’ll make another trip to visit him after this weekend. (I do see him this weekend.)

With building my business up, my build and play time is on the weekends, but these trips are also on the weekends. Plus we have September through December marketing efforts with the business, but Inworldz is part of that too. For the book promotions anyway.

Thank you to all who visit regularly, even if you just browse. It’s much appreciated. And thank you to those who help raise funds for the kiosks. Feels good to see that through my sometimes whining and griping about things there are those patient enough to put up with it.

Oh and still prayers needed. My cover artist, Ron, may be having a difficult time handling his cancer surgeries. We normally hear from him daily…every few days if he’s really ill. It’s been 3 1/2 weeks. People have been asking on the message sites he frequents about him, so it’s not just me. And he’s not answering emails.

Let us hope it’s computer issues rather than worse than what I know of his surgery troubles. His troubles are enough to need prayers. This long absence is cause to pray a little harder for him.

Graphic for one of the books Ron made me...being repurposed for Kaedara Inworldz.
Graphic for one of the books Ron made me…being repurposed for Kaedara Inworldz.



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