yay! go oYo for #rflofIW we have kick off in #inworldz

Our group’s band leaders are back and ready to get into event planning. Yay! I think I’m more relieved than excited to see them back and getting down to business. I get testy and whiny a lot, because I also worry a lot.

We’ve lost so many people this last year due to too much life, and the dreaded death. I don’t take anyone for granted…haven’t for a long time. Think it all started with this woman who worked for a business I managed.

I helped her move on to a higher paying position where my husband works, but still saw her every day on her way home from work. She banked at the same bank where my business had accounts and I’d run the day’s deposits in at the same time she was on her way home. We’d chat for two minutes each time before going on our way.

One day she looked very busy with doing something with her account and I decided to just leave quietly, thinking, “I’ll catch up with her tomorrow.”

She was killed in a car wreck on her way home that night.

I repeated that mistake once more after that with a favorite aunt of mine. Youngest and healthiest of the family who died suddenly, surprising us all. I even had to ask my mom to repeat who it was when she called to tell me, positive that she had said the wrong sister.

I never assume there’s a tomorrow with anyone I associate with online and offline. Hence, my posts get whiny and frustrating…and this is why I feel using group notices are so very important in a virtual world business. How else are we to know there’s still work going on in the background? (Especially when we cannot attend the community events.)

mmm…I just thought of a few areas I’m failing my own expectations. Must add those to the week’s to-do list.

But Relay For Life!….I’m getting a number of visits for the oYo sales corner. Not so sure about Dee’s Designs. That store does not seem as much as a success as I hoped with the current crowd.

I may have to expose that one to a new crowd with some ads.

I do have some ideas that may work better for next year, and I may be able to contribute to Inworldz’s broader Relay efforts then. This year, I’m too limited in time and expense due to our parents preparing for their last days. Which I’m surprised has not happened for two of our four parents yet.

And spending more time with them, being thankful we’re given the extra time we did not expect.

Today I’m on limited Inworldz time due to nursing a slight neck injury I got yesterday afternoon. It will pass soon and I’ll be back to normal.

If you’re interested in seeing what we’re doing on the sims, click on the Find Us link above.




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