#rflofIW @oyo_breedable sales setback in #inworldz

It seems there was a reason to do a last minute restart of all regions for internal updates, which is no issue for me. What is, is that obviously there’s a lack of communication or progress between oyo people and IW people about the version 2.0 issues.

I love both IW and oYo, but truly wonder how long I can justify this. Through the last two updates and any sim restart since then, the bundles break. I’m not speaking of one or two but loads. I get anywhere from 80 to 120 of them each time broken that has to be heavened, deleted, or remade by Jenni.

This time was 80 bundles I had set up for Relay for Life fundraising. I was able to birth a bunch to cut down on what I had to send in to Jenni. Those will be a flash sale through the weekend, for a lot less than what I would have sold the bundles for.

The market/grid size being what it is, I’m sure I’ll end up heavening most still after the sale. What a loss.

I am worried about my RFL efforts this year. And the lack of improvement in this situation. I’m proceeding very carefully, and thinking.

If things aren’t improved soon, I very well may give up the four sims and just do one mainland sim, or go back to renting a partial sim and do less in Inworldz. Dealing with things when the bundles break does cost me time I don’t have, and now my RFL set up time was compromised this weekend.

Hoping I can still get the special kiosks items made.



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