Family needs and #inworldz a timeline of sorts

Forgive me if this doesn’t sound right. Not that I ever really sound right. LOL But I have been fighting the stress migraines for the past few days.

Lots of family interruptions to my game time and Relay for Life planning. My husband and I each have a parent who seem to be on their final days of life, so there’s a lot of extra days off to deal with that.

We have a trip for his family planned this weekend and then hopefully it will be quiet for awhile to let us recharge. What sucks is that it’s not a happy trip, due to that family member definitely short on time and very unwell, but also that it’s our anniversary weekend.

We’re trying to plan something for US for next year as best as we can. For years, we’ve had no real vacation, just using days off for family needs. It’s wearing on us.

At inworldz, there hasn’t been much progress made. I was on a limited computer for a week, so no time to build. Nonetheless, I did do a bit of adjusting to Dee’s Designs and the RFL oYo sales area.

After I get back next week from this trip, I finish building product for RFL sales and sort the oYo I have for the RFL sales area. It looks like I’ll have over 200 bundles to sort through.

Everything is out at the sales down area. My hope is that some people visit and buy some to help me with my sorting needs. Gaining two weeks worth of food while I’m gone wouldn’t be terrible either. After the RFL set up is done, none of my continued costs will be recouped with sales, as it will all go to RFL.

If this goes well, I’ll do it again next year.

Not only is this something I’ve wanted to try in forever for RFL, but also a way of protecting myself should the grid grow to handle a larger secondary market for the oYo breedables.

There’s insane, stupid market drama in SL. Should that move over, I do not want any part of it. If all my sales are going to charity they dang well better leave me alone and let me put what prices I wish to do so on them.

But…the Inworldz market is very, very small. This means there’s not many places to breedable shop. Only one market seems to carry more than I do. Others are a lot more sparce.

Mystic pointed out how people will miss our selection if I cut it down too far. So, I’ve readjusted Dee’s Designs corner to make the oYo section bigger. I still won’t get to fit in all the bundles, but by boxing some into sets and creating some matching sets to donate to oYo’s RFL auctions, I should still offer a decent sized marketplace for people to shop. And where they can feel good buying from since it goes to RFL.

I moved the building over next to Mystic's store parcel and the Garden of Hope closer to The Book Emporium to give the oYo sales more space
I moved the building over next to Mystic’s store parcel and the Garden of Hope closer to The Book Emporium to give the oYo sales more space
Still won't fit all I have in there, but should get a good portion of what's left after my Sales down sale is over.
Still won’t fit all I have in there, but should get a good portion of what’s left after my Sales down sale is over.

My plan is to have all built and set up to have the Dee’s Designs and oYo Sales for RFL area open mid-July.

Building the Hudan Forest may take me until end of the month. I’m custom building trees and sets to sell throughout the forest.

The oyo museum is on Hudan side now. Thinking I may get rid of the building and spread the unicorns and pegasi throughout the forest instead.

This, of course, depends on how quiet it is after this trip. We know we have two funerals, at least, to deal with for parents this year. I also may schedule in a few more 400 mile trips to see my parents before then too, if I get the chance.




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